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2013 TTC Nova LFS Articulated #9000 seen on display at Hillcrest during the TTC Harvey Shop Open House on November 23rd, 2013. Photo by Ryan Flores.
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Welcome to "Ryan's TTC Photos / D.Y. Transit Express", a website dedicated to showcasing transit photos from across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Our website also features exclusive transit paperbuses, and exclusive transit destination signs and fonts.

The website originally started as "Ryan's TTC Photos", and it first went online on April 6th, 2006. The original website featured photos mainly of Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) vehicles solely taken by Ryan Flores, along with a few photo submissions from other transit photograhers. At the time of initiation, there were other big transit photo websites that focused on the TTC, which really documented TTC's past well. However, one of the main areas of focus for Ryan when he started the website was to document the incoming new TTC vehicles in hopes that in the future, TTC's "past" would still be very well documented in photos.

In July 2008, the website's transit photos moved to the popular photo hosting service, Flickr. This move was made to simplify the uploading, organizing, and captioning process of the photos, as well as taking advantage of the many other features Flickr offerred, such as the flexibility in how the viewer would like to view galleries/sets, and the photos themselves. Even with this move of the photos, the website was still kept active as a way to provide users a place to more easily navigate through transit photos and media, as well as to showcase any exclusive content hosted internally.

In late 2009, another transit photo website, "D.Y. Transit Express", run by Denny Yip, was merged with "Ryan's TTC Photos", with all website operations and updates performed by Ryan Flores. The inclusion of Denny Yip's transit photos further expanded the number of transit agencies that were showcased on the website.

From late 2011 to early 2012, the website recruited 3 more photographers to further expand the website's reach and coverage of GTA transit agencies. These photographers were (in order of initiation): Christopher Chau, James Trinh, and Christian Flores. Since the start, the website has accumulated over 10,000 transit photos, and counting, adequately covering the TTC and a number of other transit agencies across Canada, and some in the United States and worldwide.

Please take some time to look around the website and view the transit photos that are showcased. As well, take some time to read the site disclaimer and copyright info for your information, which is located in the footer of every page. If you have any comments and/or inquiries, please e-mail the webmaster, Ryan Flores, at contact[at]ryanflores.ca.


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